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I was astonished when I read the details of this crime … a civilian airliner with 170 people on board, including a Belarusian opposition journalist .. He was coming from Greece to Lithuania .. Minutes before leaving the Belarusian airspace, a false report was issued that there were explosives on board to arrest the journalist. The opponent … and the journalist is Roman Protasevich, who was the source of news against Belarus … which is a crime against which the countries of the free world should move … so the world cannot be silent on the piracy of a tyrannical country against journalists, without international sanctions and boycotting the skies of Belarus!

It is not enough to condemn the American president .. just as it is not possible to accept the piracy of a state to arrest an opposition journalist .. President Biden condemned what happened to the arrest of Roman .. but the matter bothered all free media .. and warned of the danger of the actions of tyrannical countries against journalists, and demanded immediate action because Silence on the behavior of Belarus may open the door to greater piracy if China practiced this kind of piracy .. The civilian plane was attacked under the pretext of a false report and endangering the lives of civilians!

It is reported that the journalist is 26 years old, and the leader of the opposition there is 38 years old .. The state itself is a modern, emerging and independent country from the Soviet Union, and most of its population is young people who aspire to freedom and democracy, and it is a major crisis that the Belarusian authorities have placed in it .. There are international demands to impose strict sanctions on Belarus … and this is the difference between totalitarian authoritarian states and democratic countries!

It is a cinematic film that the imagination of Hollywood directors did not live up to .. But the imagination of the dictatorial country exceeds all imagination, so it did not convince that it banished the journalist outside the country, but chased him in exile, because he owns a small YouTube channel, which the Belarusian regime cannot bear .. so he chased him in the air In the strangest arrest that took place so far, using a warplane attacking a civilian airliner under an empty pretext!

The problem is that it is “state piracy” and not a piracy by a militia or an armed group .. And if it is silent and silent about it, it will be a precedent that opens the door to horrific crimes greater than this, and therefore Europe has vowed to impose sanctions on Belarus .. And President Biden called for an international investigation into the incident. The entire West rose up to defend the freedom of the journalist and the right of civilians to safe passage … because the interception of the plane almost endangered the lives of the passengers!

Finally, the incident reveals a state of madness, when a state uses a warplane equipped with air-to-air missiles to arrest an opposition journalist, and in the event that the captain of the plane objected, there could have been a massacre .. The conclusion is that opening the door to freedom is less expensive than tyranny .. Piracy is that It happened that Belarus will pay dearly, after boycotting the airspace, and after registering it in the (Black List)!

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