A critical report reveals shocking information about Maradonas death


The report indicated that the medical team responsible for Diego MaradonaBehaved in an “inappropriate, reckless, and unprofessional” manner.

The report, issued on April 30, and seen by Reuters from a source close to the investigation, indicated that those responsible for Maradonas treatment were not qualified to deal with such a health situation.

From the information contained in the report, according to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, Maradona was seriously ill, and was dying for about 12 hours before his death around midday on November 25.

The report added, that Maradona suffered from pain for quite some time, and that he was not properly monitored hours before his death.

Referred to as the plaintiffs Argentina They had opened an investigation soon after Maradona dies At the age of 60 years of age due to heart failure in a house near the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

The investigations included searching the property of Maradonas personal physician, and interrogating others involved in his care.

And in March this year, a medical board appointed by him met Ministry of Justice To analyze allegations that Maradonas health team members did not provide him with adequate health care.


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