A dispute with Jensh and Abu Jabal ignites the fuse of a crisis in Zamalek .. What is the solution?


Zamalek, led by the French coach, tied Patrice Carteron, Before The Arab Contractors With two goals to the same, within the framework of the eighteenth round of the championship Egyptian League Football premier.

The White Knight tied to raise its score of 40 points at the top of the Egyptian Premier League competition, leaving the white lost a golden opportunity to move away from the traditional rivals Al-Ahly and second-placed with 37, with a difference of two matches less than Zamalek, who fought 18 matches in the tournament.

The crisis of Jensh and Abu Jabal is an ongoing show

The beginning of the crisis between Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh AndMuhammad Abu Jabal Goalkeeper of the first football team in a club ZamalekIt came when the first went out on television, expressing his opinion about the first goalkeeper in Egypt, and the White Knight guard’s answer was shocking, as he confirmed that Mohammed Al Shinnawy Al-Ahly goalkeeper is number one in Egypt.

Level retreat Muhammad Abu Jabal The main goalkeeper of Zamalek, following Jensh’s phone statements, gave the latter an opportunity to participate that was absent, but an unwelcome opportunity for the fans of the White Castle, who showed their anger at Jensh’s statements on social media and reached an attack against the player in the team’s matches in the League Championship, where he was charged with “psychology” “On more than one occasion.

The dispute with Jensh and Abu Jabal was not only outside the green rectangle, but also reached the pitch, which witnessed unexpected mistakes from the two guards, especially Jensh, who participated in the exit of Zamalek from the African Champions League, specifically in Cairo when Al-Abyad lost to Tunisias Esperance Sports in the fifth round From the group stage, with the goal of Hamdo Al-Huni, who hit a medium-strength ball to the right of the goalkeeper and hit the net.

The bad level of Jensh in strong confrontations appeared during the confrontation of Al-Ahly in the fourth round postponed of the Egyptian Premier League football championship, which Zamalek lost by two goals to a goal with mistakes in which Jensh carries a large share, especially in the kidnapping of Mohamed Sherif the second goal, who scored in the middle of the goal The player succeeds in blocking the ball.

The last bad performances of Jensh appeared during the recent Arab Contractors match in the eighteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League championship, which was decided by positive treatment, as Abdullah Yassin scored the equalizer for the Wolves in the 80th minute from an apparent mistake from the Zamalek goalkeeper who put the ball away in a wrong way inside a penalty area. White to find the contractor player who settled the net easily.

Solve the crisis of Zamalek guards

“Sky News Arabia” is looking into resolving the goalkeeper crisis of the first football team in Zamalek, which reached the rebellion of Muhammad Awad, the third goalkeeper who requested to leave the White Castle during the coming period of the summer transfers at the beginning of the new football season.

Fikri Saleh, the goalkeeper coach in Egypt, said in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” regarding the idea of ​​the presence of three first-class goalkeepers in Zamalek: “The presence of three distinguished goalkeepers in Zamalek, which has a point of strength and also a weakness, a point of strength because the team has Three guards compete with each other, and it is weak because there must be a coach who is able to bring them closer to each other. Only one goalkeeper will participate in the matches. “

And continues the coach of the former goalkeepers of the Pharaohs: “Amr Abdel Salam was a strong personal trainer, he managed to control the three guards and there was a basic guard and the rest were receptive to the decision, and there were no problems, but after the departure of the coach, we found crises.”

Saleh continues his statements, explaining the analysis of the crisis between the goalkeepers of the first football team at Zamalek Club, saying: “The idea is the idea of ​​a coach that contains the three guards, and also goes back to the administration that thought about contracting with the three goalkeepers from the beginning.”

Fikri Saleh added, expressing his opinion on resolving the crisis of Zamalek goalkeepers in the coming period: “The solution is definitely the exit of one of the guards in the summer transfers, and about my opinion about the goalkeeper who leaves the team, so I see that the technical staff is the closest to the players, but the solution is the return of Amr Abdel Salam. “.

The coach of the goalkeepers of the Egyptian national team in the 1990 World Cup carried out his statements, revealing his point of view about the first goalkeeper for Zamalek: “I see that Abu Jabal is the number one goalkeeper in Zamalek, and the goalkeeper center does not accept the rotation policy, it is the only place in which only one goalkeeper should participate, It is possible that the rotation policy will occur in tournaments, not matches. “


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