A doctor and the leader of the armed wing of the “Brotherhood” .. Who is the terrorist Muhammad Kamal in the choice 2?


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Saw the events of the 22nd episode of the series Check 2 The doctor was killed Mohamed Kamal Sameh Al-Suraiti, a member of the terrorist Brotherhood’s guidance office, whose role is embodied, escaped after the dispersal of the Rab’a sit-in to an apartment in the Basateen area in Cairo and took a hideout from it to plan and manage the armed elements of the Brotherhood until he was killed in an exchange of fire with the security forces on October 4, 2016, and he was also killed with him. Brotherhood bodyguard Yasser Shehata.

Sameh Al-Suraiti embodies the character of Muhammad Kamal in the series The Choice 2 – archive photo

Who is Muhammad Kamal?

Al-Masry Al-Youm continues to provide its services to readers by displaying the personal details of the Brotherhood leader, the leader of the armed wing of the Brotherhood, who appeared in Check 2 .

  1. Mohamed Mohamed Kamal graduated from the Faculty of Human Physician, Assiut University.
  2. He worked as a doctor and joined the Brotherhood a year after his graduation.
  3. Held many influential administrative positions within the terrorist group.
  4. Reached the position of membership in the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau and senior management officials of the Brotherhood.
  5. After the dispersal of the fourth, he became the first responsible for the armed organization of the Brotherhood.
  6. The Ministry of Interior said that he directed and masterminded hostile operations against state institutions after the dispersal of the Rab’a sit-in.
  7. Plans to assassinate the Attorney General, Counselor, Hisham Barakat, as well as Colonel Wael Tahoun.
  8. Plans to carry out a large number of terrorist operations against officers and members of the police and armed forces.
  9. The first person responsible for the attempt to assassinate the former Republic Mufti, Dr. Ali Jumaa.
  10. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in two cases, one of them in 2015 for military felonies north of Cairo, and the other in Case No. 2016, Assiut Military Felonies.

In 2016, the Ministry of Interior announced a campaign to target the leader Mahmoud Kamal in one of the apartments in the orchards, who had used him as a hideout for escape and terrorist operations against the Egyptian state.

The statement added that she received information that the armed leader, Muhammad Kamal, was staying in an apartment in Real Estate No. 4147 on the third floor in the Maraj area in Al-Basateen, and as soon as the security force approached the property, she was surprised by shooting from inside the apartment, which prompted the security services to deal, which also resulted in the death of the brothers. Yasser Shehata, who works as a teacher and is one of the most prominent cadres of the organization and was associated with the leader Muhammad Kamal, who is responsible for securing and guarding him and transmitting his instructions to members of the armed entities in the group.

a series Check 2 Starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Iyad Nassar, Ahmed Makki and a large number of artists, and directed by Peter Mimi.

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