A European country forces Apple to provide a three-year warranty for its devices … Get to know it


The tech giant Apple, as well as all companies selling electronic or digital goods, devices, or products – will have to offer a mandatory three-year warranty for their products in Spain, according to a report by 9to5Mac.

The report cites a Spanish blog iPadizate claiming that this comes after the country’s cabinet approved an extension of the warranty period for products that are sold in Spain, and in addition to three years of warranty, companies must store spare parts for a period of 10 years, which was 5 years before that.

Apple officially provides a one-year warranty on iPhone products, along with local rights imposed by consumer laws in each country, but there is no clarity about when this new rule will begin to apply, however, the report claims that it is expected to happen soon.

More recently, Russia made it mandatory for smartphones, computers and other purchases in Russia to be pre-installed with Russian software after the legislation entered into force, and at the time this legislation was introduced, the legislation became known colloquially in Russia as “Law Against” Apple, “which was because the company initially resisted.

Apple said it will provide a selection of applications from Russian developers as part of the activation screens for new devices, and said it intends to comply with the new Russian law, but indicated that all applications are reviewed to ensure they comply with Apple’s standards for privacy, security and content.


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