A member of the “Supreme Virus” explains the symptoms of the third wave of Corona (Learn about it)


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Dr. Wajida Anwar, a member of the Higher Committee for Viruses at the Ministry of Higher Education, a professor of public health, said that the third wave of the Corona virus is witnessing some distinct and different symptoms other than the first and second waves of the virus, as the first wave was characterized by a continuous rise in temperature accompanied by shortness of breath and a dry cough, In addition to the previous symptoms, the second wave was marked by the emergence of many cases of diarrhea in the infected, with a gradual decline in the severity of the symptoms.

“Anwar” added, in exclusive statements to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, on Monday, that “the third wave is characterized by the occurrence of many different symptoms, including the occurrence of redness in the eyes and the appearance of cases of rashes, especially in children, also the appearance of redness on the toes, and the occurrence of” hiccups. ” »Continuously, along with other symptoms such as dizziness, imbalance, rapid heart rate, persistent pain in the back and foot muscles, and severe, intolerable headache.

With regard to the presentation of hearing loss for some people infected with the virus, a member of the Supreme Committee for Viruses said that the occurrence of relative hearing impairment in some patients is a phenomenon that cannot be overlooked and was observed among recently infected cases, taking into account a study in England saying that 7% of the infected people felt weak In hearing and dizziness during infection with the virus, and this may be due to the effect on the inner ear.

The professor of public health stressed that “all the previous symptoms are phenomena that cannot be overlooked and represent preliminary information from patients infected with the virus and those who are comparing them to monitor these symptoms, and they have been recorded and dealt, but they are not proven and need an extensive epidemiological study, which is what the Supreme Committee for Viruses is currently working on, because Al-Faisal In it is the documented scientific studies ».

“Anwar” called on everyone who exhibits these previous symptoms to follow up on his health and go to the hospital in the event of any health developments, “because the above are only symptoms, but if they continue, it may mean that the person is infected with the Corona virus.”


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