A missing letter by Einstein reveals predictions for new physics from studying birds


A missing letter to Albert Einstein since 1949 revealed that the physicist had predicted the discovery of the super-senses of animals 70 years before the evidence appeared, as he predicted in correspondence with radar researcher Glenn Davies that the new physics may one day emerge from the study of migratory birds, and this concept is still in use. Exploration to this day, as researchers have uncovered the ability of migratory birds to navigate precisely when flying thousands of miles away due to their use of magnetic waves.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, in 2008, experts provided birds with radio transmitters, which showed for the first time that birds have a form of magnetic compass that helps them orient themselves.

A paper discussing Einstein’s message has also been published by Adrian Dyer of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, who is conducting research into bee vision.

Professor Dyer said: “Seven decades after Einstein proposed new physics that might come from animal perceptions, we are seeing discoveries that advance our understanding of navigation and basic principles of physics.”

The letter also refers to Einstein’s meeting with fellow Nobel Prize winner Karl von Frisch, who was a pioneering bee and animal researcher at the time.

Professor von Frisch presented his paper exploring how honey bees can navigate using the polarization patterns of light scattered from the sky, and the next day, the two scientists participated in a private meeting, in which they may discuss the intricacies of Professor von Frisch’s work.

In his letter, Einstein wrote: “Dear Sir: I am well aware of Mr. Fresh’s impressive investigations … but I cannot see that these results can be used in the investigation of the basis of physics.”

“This could only be the case if a new type of sensory perception, one of their stimuli, would be revealed through the behavior of the bees,” he added.

He concluded: “It is believed that an investigation into the behavior of migratory birds and homing pigeons may one day lead to an understanding of some physical processes that are not yet known,” so Einstein envisioned new discoveries that could come from studying animal behaviors.


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