“A move to return to Premier League hero” … City defeats Crystal Palace


The Manchester City team is close to crowning the Premier League title, after its 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace during the match that brought them together today, Saturday, in the 34th round of the league.

Manchester City advanced with a goal scored by Sergio Aguero in the 57th minute, and Ferran Torres added the second goal in the 59th minute.

Manchester City raised its score to 80 points at the top of the standings, and Crystal Palace’s score stopped at 38 points in thirteenth place.

The Manchester City team can officially crown the league title tomorrow, Sunday, in the event that Manchester United loses against Liverpool.

The start of the match came at a medium level, and the two teams exchanged control over the course of the meeting in the first ten minutes of the match. They also exchanged offensive attempts that did not pose a real danger to the two goals.

With the passage of time, the Manchester City team began to seize the ball and impose its control over the course of the meeting, in contrast, Crystal Palace retreated to the center of its stadium and relied on counter-attacks.

Despite the successive attempts of the two teams, but the game was confined to the midfield until the 28th minute came, which saw the first serious chances for Crystal Palace when Joel Ward received the ball inside the Manchester City penalty area, causing a state of confusion before the ball reached Christian Benteke inside the six-yard area to shoot a powerful ball. It hit one of Manchester City defenders and went out for a corner kick to be used.

In the 36th minute, the referee canceled a goal by Manchester City when I played a pass behind Crystal Palace defenders inside the penalty area, Gabriel Jesus met with a powerful shot to hug the ball, but the referee canceled the goal due to Jesus’ infiltration.

The two teams’ attempts to score the progress goal continued, but they failed to do so, as the remaining time of this period passed without a new one before the referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half with a goalless draw between the two teams.

With the beginning of the second half, Manchester City intensified its offensive attempts in search of a goal to score, in contrast, Crystal Palace retreated to the center of its stadium, relying on counter-attacks.

And Manchester City’s attempts to score the lead resulted in the 57th minute when Benjamin Mendy passed the ball to Sergio Aguero, who received it inside the Crystal Palace penalty area and hit a powerful ball that hugged the net.

In the 59th minute, Manchester City scored the second goal when Raheem Sterling passed the ball to Ferran Torres on the edge of the penalty area, to shoot a left-foot ball into the goal.

In the 62nd minute, Raheem Sterling almost scored the third goal for Manchester City when he received a through pass to enter the ball into the Crystal Palace penalty area from the left side and hit a strong ball that hit the right post.

Over time, the Crystal Palace team began to exchange Manchester City for attacks in an attempt to score a goal to reduce the difference, but the two teams failed to form any danger to the other’s goal to limit the play in the middle of the stadium.

And the game remained confined to the midfield until the referee blew the final whistle with Manchester City’s 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace.

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