A new image of the Chinese missile debris in Earth orbit before it fell


12:25 AM

Sunday 09 May 2021


The International Astronomy Center has published a new image of the debris of the Chinese missile that entered Earth orbit, before falling to Earth.

The center wrote in a tweet on Twitter, today, Sunday, that “some thought this image of the Star Link satellites, and this is not true, is actually of the debris of the Chinese missile from America this morning (before its fall), and it appears intermittent due to the rotation of the missile piece around itself quickly, which It causes the amount of sunlight to reflect off toward the Earth, so that it appears intermittently, like the satellites of Star Link. “

Dr. Makram Ibrahim, Professor of Space Sciences, Head of the Sun and Space Research Department at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, revealed the status of the Chinese missile that it lost control over, where it is currently located, and its stages of development now.

Makram explained, in a special video clip to “Masrawy”, today, Saturday, that the missile is orbiting the Earth in an elliptical orbit at an altitude of 152-254 kilometers, according to international scientific sites that are concerned with calculating and studying the tracks of satellites, space stations and objects in general. It travels at a speed of 128,000 kilometers per hour.

The head of space research added that the rocket makes about 16 revolutions per day around its orbit; Meaning that one cycle around the Earth takes 90 minutes.

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