A new video by Khaled Miqdad, founder of Birds of Paradise, inside isolation … you will not believe how he became


The artist Khaled Miqdad, founder of the “Birds of Paradise” channel, is still on top of social networking sites, due to his continued confinement in intensive care after suffering from a health problem.

In his first appearance from inside the isolation room, his daughter Jana posted a video clip while she was standing behind the glass of the room and greeting him before she was very affected and started crying.

The video caused controversy, as several accounts re-published it on the “Instagram” photo and video application, and in a few hours after publication, it achieved more than 131,000 views and everyone wished the father a speedy recovery.

It is noteworthy that prior to this news was circulated that the father had died, and this was what his son Walid Al-Miqdad responded to. For this purpose, he appeared in a video clip published on “Instagram”, in which he said that what is published in this regard are just rumors, pointing out that his father is still in hospital and that his condition is stable, calling on followers to pray for him to recover and confirming that the family will announce all developments in a timely manner.


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