A positive draw 2 – 2 settles the Alexandria derby between Al Ittihad and Smouha


The positive tie was settled with one goal for each team, the Alexandria Derby between Al-Ittihad and Samouha, in the match that brought the two teams together this evening, at Alexandria Stadium, in the 19th week of the competition. Egyptian Premier League.

Al Ittihad scored goals from Razak Cisse and Emmanuel Okoye in minutes (4) and (49), and Smouha Muhammad Al-Badri and Ahmed Nabil Manga scored “by mistake” in the two minutes (56) and (62).

With this result, Smouha ranks sixth in the league table with 28 points, after playing 19 matches, winning 5 matches, drawing 13, losing one match, and scoring 28 goals by his players and receiving 20 goals, while Zaim Al-Thaghr is ranked fifth, equally with Al-Masry Al-Port Said, with a score of 29 A point after playing 19 games, winning 8 matches, tied in 5 matches, losing six matches, scoring 24 goals and his nets conceding the same number of goals..

The match started offensively by the two teams, and Al Ittihad scored the first goal, the Ivorian striker Razzaq Cisse in the fourth minute of the match time, after which Smouha launched intense attacks to tie in the first half of the first match, but to no avail in front of the desperate defenses of the leader of the gap, and the Jamaican player received a yellow card at the end The first half, after his reckless intervention on the Smouha player in the middle of the stadium, and it was the first and only yellow card for the players of the two teams in the first half of the match.

At the beginning of the second half, Ugandan player Emmanuel Okoye scored the second goal of Al-Ittihad against Smouha, but Al-Mouj Al-Azraq refused to surrender and responded with the aim of reducing the difference through defender Mahmoud Al-Badri in the 56th minute.

Smouhas awakening was revived by a self-goal scored by Ahmed Nabil Manga, Al-Ittihad midfielder in Alexandria, in the 62nd minute, to make Smouha equalize and return the match to zero point again. Hossam Hassan then tried to snatch match points, so he made five offensive substitutions, and the team actually posed a great danger to Smouhas goal. In the last minutes, amid resignation from Al-Hani Suleiman and the defense of the Ahmed Sami Brigade.

وجاء Formation of the Alexandria Federation To face Smouha as follows: Goalkeepers: Mohamed Sobhi, the defensive line: Mr. Salem, Damion Lowe, Mahmoud Rizk, Ammar Hamdi, and in the middle: Ahmed Nabil Manga, Khaled Al-Ghandour, Fawzi Al-Hinnawi, and the attacking trio: Razak Cisse, Emmanuel Okoye, Romario.

As stated Smouha formation As follows: Guarding the goalkeeper: Al Hani Suleiman, and the defense line: Rajab Nabeel, Mahmoud Al Badri, Athar Al Taher, Sherif Reda, and in the middle: Mahmoud Halimo, Muhammad Kanaria, Abdel Kabir Al Wadi, Mustafa Fathi, Ahmed Abdel Qader Hamdi, and the attack: Nsembambi.


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