A professor of epidemiology reveals the fact that the Indian Corona strain reached M.


11:22 PM

Monday 03 May 2021


Dr. Islam Annan, a professor of health economics and epidemiology, confirmed that the Corona virus mutated twice in India, and with this mutation it became similar to the virus mutating in England and Brazil.

In a live broadcast on the official account of the Masrawy website, Anan said, the virus has mutated in two types, the first is called the spread mutation and the second is the escape mutation.

Annan added: The mutation of the spread comes from the spread of the virus among large gatherings, and every transmission from one person to another leads to a change or mutation of the virus in some way.

Annan described the second type of virus mutation, which is the escape mutation, as “catastrophic”, and much more dangerous than the first type, and it comes from the time spacing and the slow pace in the application of taking the Corona vaccine between one people because it gives the virus an opportunity to catch a breath, and discover the presence of a vaccine that resists it in some of the infected. So he makes a major mutation in which he resists the vaccine, and from here the vaccines become useless, indicating that this mutation has not yet reached Egypt.

Annan pointed out that the mutation of the virus was detected in Palestine and some African countries, indicating that the vaccine is important in three things that a corona infection does not lead to death, that the symptoms associated with the virus come simple, and that the patient does not enter a hospital for treatment.

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