A Russian expert warns of an increase in the number of space accidents … Know the details


The number of space accidents in Earth’s orbit may increase if large quantities of space systems that include thousands of small satellites are launched. This was announced by Igor Bakaras, head of the analysis department of the Russian “Tiny Mash” company, in its capacity as a branch of the Russian state-owned “Ross Cosmos” space organization. .

According to the “RT” website, he said, that a few international private companies have recently published large quantities of communications satellites, weighing from 100 to 300 kilograms, which constitute huge satellite systems for communication and high-speed Internet.

According to the Russian analyst, this matter will not only cause a rapid increase in the number of satellites operating in low Earth orbit, but will also lead to an increase in space accidents as a result of collision with space devices in orbit.

The analyst pointed out that these accidents will cause the formation of new masses of space waste, including large and small fragments.

It is noteworthy that the private American company, SpaceX, is currently investigating a project to establish a “Starlink” network for high-speed Internet, which is guaranteed by a large number of satellites weighing up to 500 kg.

SpaceX plans to launch 11,000 satellites, which will cost it $ 10 billion, and since 2019, it has launched about 1,565 satellites of this type.


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