A satellite organization reveals an Arab country that may have Chinese missile debris fall on it


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The American Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit organization, expected that the debris of the Chinese space missile would fall over Sudan, just as it had previously placed the coasts of Australia among the potential areas for failure.

The organization said, in a report, that the missile may enter the Earth’s airspace on Saturday, and added: “If this is true, the missile debris may fall over Sudan.”

In the same context, the European Space Agency had earlier estimated, according to Sky News, that the missile would fall between May 8 and 10.

A report by the British Guardian newspaper quoted the agency as saying: “The trajectory of the missile means that any parts of it will remain upon its return to the ground, which will fall between 41 degrees north and 41 degrees south south, which is a strip of land extending from the southern regions of Spain, Portugal and Italy to Australia.”


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