A security campaign to arrest drug and weapons holders in Qalyubia


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The Public Security Sector, with the participation of the General Department for Drug Control in the Anti-Drug and Organized Crime Sector and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Qalyubia Security Directorate, directed today, Sunday, an enlarged security campaign supported by groups from the Central Security Sector targeting the Toukh Police Station department in the Qalyubia Security Directorate, and the departments of police departments and stations within the directorate.
The campaign efforts resulted in the seizure of two firearms, a number of bullets in the possession of two defendants, and 5 drug cases during which quantities of various narcotic substances were seized in the possession of 4 defendants – two of them had criminal information.
It also resulted in the seizure of a white weapon, a suspect wanted to be seized and brought in one case, and the implementation of 2,241 court rulings.
Necessary legal measures have been taken, campaigns are continuing.

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