A serious injury causes Hamada Hilal to withdraw from the Ramez Jalal game – Think and Art – stars and celebrities


Today, the Egyptian singer Hamada Hilal was seriously injured when he fell into the trap of the artist Ramez Jalal with his landfill program “Ramiz Aklh Flew” on MBC Egypt, in cooperation with the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hamada Hilal suffered that injury in the “paintball” game, where Ramez Jalal hit him with the rifle, so that the ball came into his mouth to be injured, and he withdrew from the game.

Ramez Jalal mocked Hamada Hilal’s clothes upon his arrival to the amusement park, saying: “What do you wear this, Hamada da Fadlh a little and remains Big Rami, this is a pantsuit or knickers or what, this is a hairstyle that is tanned, and this freshness and no dial of a telephone and his walk I like it going joy In Jiyara, “according to the” Fi Fann “website.


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