A shocking response from Nelly Karim to Youssef Chahine when he asked her to perform a nose job news


Actress Nelly Karim told about a situation that happened between her and the late director Youssef Chahine, at the time of her participation in the movie “Alexandria New York”.

Nelly, in the second part of her episode in the “Sheikh of the Hara and the Daring” program, remembered the scenes of her participation in the film, saying that Youssef Shaheen’s office called her and asked her to come to meet him, and she went and started talking to her about various matters. What.

At the time, Youssef Chahine told her about the movie “Alexandria New York” and asked her to perform a nose job, but she refused and responded, saying, “When you still do a plastic surgery in your nostrils, I will do it,” indicating that she participated in the film without undergoing any operations Beautifying.

On the other hand, Nelly Karim is participating in the Ramadan 2021 drama in the series “Against the Break” starring Muhammad Farraj, Hisham Ismail, Mustafa Darwish, Meeting Al-Khamisi, Tara Emad, Hamza Al-Eili, and it is written by Amr Al-Daly and directed by Ahmed Khaled and produced by Al-Adl Group.

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