A source at Al-Ahly reveals to “Yallakora” … Steps after the loss


A source in the Al-Ahly club revealed that there is a state of extreme anger and sadness within the walls of the Red Castle after losing the 14th point in the struggle to preserve the league title, which leads to urgent decisions.

In statements to “Yallakora”, the source said that there are steps that the club’s management will take during the next 24 hours to maintain the stability of the team that will play the Al-Ittihad match of Alexandria next Thursday and then Zamalek on the next Monday.

The source added: “The club management feels the state of anger that dominates the fans, but the members of the council are mainly fans and the same is the case with members of the General Assembly.”

The source, who declined to be named, explained that there is a tendency to submit a formal complaint to the committee in charge of managing the Football Association because of what he described as the arbitration injustice the team is exposed to in recent matches in exchange for what is happening with the competitors.

The source stressed that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, made phone calls with members of his council during his return trip from Mahalla, where he was present for the match from the stadium, in order to make urgent decisions.

He added that the second trend is for the Planning Committee to hold an urgent session with the technical staff and the players, and it will be within hours in an attempt to find out the reasons for the decline in the level in this way and to save what can be saved.

He pointed out that there are financial penalties that have already been imposed on the players according to the team’s regulation, but Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, will present the situation in full to the planning committee within hours, and he continued that emotional decisions are not characteristic of the club despite the state of severe anger at the decline in performance, arbitration injustice and unjustified match pressure.


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