A source reveals to Masrawy .. the number of minutes of time lost in the meeting of the


10:44 PM

Monday 03 May 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

A source within the Referees Committee of the Egyptian Football Association revealed the number of minutes that Jihad Greisha counted as time instead of lost in the Zamalek match against Pyramids, which was held yesterday, Sunday, in the Egyptian We League.

The source – who declined to be named – in private statements to Masrawy, indicated that Sameh Hussein, the fourth ruling of the meeting, confirmed that Greishah’s jihad told him to count five minutes as time instead of lost.

The source added: “We inquired from the fourth referee about the number of minutes counted by Greishah’s jihad as time instead of lost at the end of the meeting, and we were informed that he was informed of the calculation of only five minutes.”

He explained: “The fourth referee said that Greisha told him five minutes through the communication devices between the referees staff, and they all listened to the number of minutes.”

He concluded: “Sameh Hussein informed us that he raised the number 5 on the board to announce the time of time instead of lost, and he does not know where the talk about raising it number 8 came from as time instead of lost.”

The controversy was raised during the past hours after the end of the meeting between Zamalek and Pyramids in light of Grisha ending the confrontation several seconds after the start of the 90 + 7 minute and calculating the result of a tie with a goal for each team between them.


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