A specialized professor explains the truth about the black fungus … the worst and smelly fungi


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It sparked conflicting and multiple statements about illness Black fungus A lot of panic and confusion among patients and doctors, which angered a number of specialists about spreading false information about the disease.

Dr. Reda Hussein Kamel, Professor of Nasal and Sinus Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, President of the Egyptian and Arab Societies for Nose and Sinuses and the former President of the World Association, and who has a long history in treating black fungus patients, confirmed that there are amazing and exciting statements about this disease and the extent of its existence in Egypt or not. And that most of what is published is incorrect, confirming that black fungus disease It is not new, it is not black, it is not related to our corona, and it is mainly associated with severe immunodeficiency.

He said in a special statement to Al-Masry Al-Youm: “There has been a lot of talk in recent times about what is called the black fungus, and its scientific name is Mucormycosis. Black is not black in color, but it was given this name because it causes the tissues that infect it to turn black, and it is one of the worst types of fungi of the nose and sinuses. “To the black color with the very unpleasant smell felt by those in contact with the patient and not the patient himself.”

Kamel added: “This disease usually affects immunocompromised patients, as a result of severe uncontrolled diabetes, advanced kidney failure, late malignancies, or as a result of heavy or unattended use of cortisone drugs or frequent immunosuppressants. Symptoms of the disease start with fever, pain in the nose and eyes, severe headache, and then blockage on one side of the nose with a very foul smell in the nose, which is noticed by those around, not the patient. It affects the degree of awareness and movement of the body and may extend to the skin of the face, causing it to blacken and fall, and may extend to the upper jaw and teeth, causing it to fall as well. ”

And he continued, “And he participates in the treatment of my disease Black mushrooms A group of specialties includes immunologists, nose, sinus, ophthalmologists, neurosurgery, internal medicine, and others. The treatment of black fungus depends mainly on the speed of recovery and improvement of immunity first by treating the causes with the use of antifungal drugs intravenously under precise and local medical care in the nose in an attempt to determine its spread, and then it can be eradicated All places of black gangrene infected with fungus in the nose and sinuses and around it ».

And he pointed out that the possibilities of infection of Corona patients with black fungus are very limited and it is believed that the causes of the occurrence of black fungus disease in Corona patients are due to the effect of the disease itself on the immunity directly or as a result of the occurrence of kidney failure as a result of corona or as a result of the frequent use of immunosuppressive drugs and cortisone frequently as a treatment, and this is likely to happen. Corona patients in advanced cases only.

He added, “Often the causes of death in corona patients are sudden respiratory failure, kidney failure, or blockage of brain or heart arteries (multi-system failure), and the black fungus itself is not except in severe cases.”

The former president of the World Nasal and Sinus Association explained: “The countries that have succeeded in vaccinating a large proportion of their citizens have fewer serious complications of Corona disease, so it is known that vaccination may not completely prevent infection for all people, but it has already proven effective in preventing the disease from developing into advanced stages and the emergence of such serious complications, and thus succeeded in decreasing the death rate significantly.”

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