A study reveals a new effect of antibiotics with Corona


The study, which was published in the “Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling”, was carried out in cooperation with researchers from the Supreme Council for Scientific Research in Spain, Who confirmed through their studies that this Antibiotics Able to block entry Virus Into cells by disrupting the protein “spike”.

وصيب Corona Virus Humans When it initially attaches to the surface of the human cells that line the respiratory or intestinal tracts, and upon attachment, it invades cell Then it repeats itself in multiple copies, which speeds up the spread of the virus in the body.

The protein “Spike”, which forms the spinal protuberances on the surface of the virus that give it the distinctive coronary shape, is responsible for carrying out the process of attaching the virus to human cells and invading them.

Understanding the process by which this protein recognizes human cells is pivotal in the development of treatments and vaccines against the epidemic. “Covid-19“.

And it was previously suggested that such antibiotics be used as drugs that can treat the new Corona virus in March 2020, but according to the researchers, those proposals were based on theoretical calculations, but the study in our hands reached practical results.

According to the study, it is among the antibiotics identified by the design unit pharmaceutical And the molecular topology at the University of Valencia, is “azithromycin” and it is part of the list of drugs it considers Spanish Ministry of Health Essential in managing the health crisis caused by the new Coronavirus.

Another drug, clarithromycin, is already slated to be used in a clinical trial led by San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, which is expected to start soon with Corona patients, from 20 Social Security primary care centers.

To confirm the computational results for the initial phase of the study, the best candidates were tested against two human coronaviruses: 229E-GFP and 229E-GFP.SARS Cove – 2“By the cell culture technique, during which the eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells are grown under controlled conditions.

Infection trials have shown that azithromycin, clarithromycin, and Lexithromycin reduce the accumulation of viral RNA inside cells and the spread of the virus, as well as prevent cell death caused by the virus, by blocking the Corona virus into cells.

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