A study reveals the relationship of social media to deteriorating youth mental health


A new study claims that Social media “Social Media,” “no more harmful” to the mental health of young people, than watching television for children in the 1990s.

According to the “Daily Mail”, researchers from the University of Oxford have used data from three large surveys to look at the lives of more than 400,000 young people in the United Kingdom and the United States.

It is generally believed to be new technology, especially Social mediaIt is responsible for deteriorating mental health among young people and a host of other social illnesses.

The team explored the links between technology use and problems Mental health In adolescents, declaring the link between the two “thin at best” as they describe.

The scientists found a limited link between emotional problems and social media, but they did not indicate any broader mental health problems associated with social media use.

Lead author Dr. Matt Faure says that fears of this nature are not new, nor are they well justified by the current data. Social mediaWith warnings about “square eyes”, which do not exist.

At the time, as now, Dr Faure says, the popular notion does not appear to be supported by conclusive evidence that the use of technology has become more harmful over time.

The team wrote: “Any understanding of the adolescents of the twenty-first century would be incomplete without an appreciation of MENASSAT Social mediaAnd other digital technologies, which have become an essential component of the daily life of young people over the past few decades.

The research included three large surveys of young people who reported their personal use of technology, and various mental health issues.

Using this large data set, the team set out to investigate the links between technology use, mental health problems, and whether or not they have increased over time.

Scientists have studied this question, by modeling four different mental health outcomes, versus three forms of technology use across three large sets of representative data, and from these eight models, they found one result related toMental healthClinically self-reported, “depression,” the connections and relationships between humans using technology have steadily become less negative over time.

Four, these survey responses do not demonstrate a link between technology use andSocial media, And issues Mental health.


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