A Sudanese state is preparing for the possibility of the fall of the lost Chinese missile


10:31 AM

Saturday 08 May 2021


The government of the northern state of Sudan entered a state of emergency after information received from the federal government, according to which the Chinese missile, lost in space, might fall Saturday morning in northern Sudan.

A week ago, China launched its “Long March 5B” space missile to its international space station, but it lost control of it and could not determine its final destination.

The Northern State government said in a statement on Friday evening that it had received information from the Emergency Committee at the Federal Ministry of Health and a direct call from Federal Health Minister Omar Al-Najeeb regarding the derailment of the Chinese missile, which is expected to fall on Saturday morning in northern Sudan, according to the Sudan Tribune website.

The local government pledged to harness all the capabilities of the state, with its various localities, to manage the crisis as it strikes, and to prepare to avoid any effects that may occur as a result of the fall of the Chinese missile.

The Northern State government called on citizens not to be dragged into misinformation from other sources, and to make sure to take information on the matter from the state’s official media apparatus.

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