A young entrepreneur tells how crying helped her achieve success


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Tina Chen
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“Starting a business on your own can feel lonely,” says Tina Chen.

Entrepreneur Tina Chen explains how she managed to survive and work alone, and how she succeeded in establishing a business in a country new to her.

Tina Chen, 28, describes herself as a “lone entrepreneur” and is the founder of Humane Tea, which produces a range of plant-based teas.

Tina launched her company in London in December 2018, and the company has grown steadily even after the pandemic spread. It recently started mass production of its product after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and has sold more than 5,000 packages of its drinks.

This year, Tina hired two people for the first time in her company, through the “Kickstar” plan put in place by the British government to help young people enter the workforce.

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