A young man reveals the truth about his marriage to 4 girls in one night … and the details are exciting


Recently, the pioneers of social media circulated, photos and video clips, in which a groom wore a black suit standing next to 4 “brides” girls, which caused a great controversy.
And the young man with the photos, named Said Mohamed, from Alexandria governorate, who works in the restaurant business, and who performed the role of the groom with great mastery, revealed what made many believe that the wedding is real, and not just a joke that the twenties wanted to draw attention to, according to (Russia Today) ).

Saeed Muhammad said: “I love the artist Nour al-Sharif, and I saw from the time of an Arab man who married four in one night and made a big party in which many people resolved. How can I imitate him, and I will answer from where the party expenses and from where do I return the girls who wear dresses? “

After preparing the idea and filming, Saeed was able to attract the attention of thousands of his followers, as everyone thought that he had already married 4 girls in one night: “All the acquaintances spoke to me, blessed, and I am silent and said that the topic is sad. I showed up with me, a job after the makeup artist and the Atelier, in order to participate in advertisements, and I myself would remain famous, if I were really convinced in the role of the groom. “

The pioneers of social media have circulated many photos and videos that show a groom wearing a black suit, with 4 girls (brides) standing next to him in their full decorations, along with a large number of wedding party decorations and decor, and all the technical equipment that is used in weddings .

And the circulation of these pictures caused a great controversy, as some considered that the wedding is the first of its kind during which a person marries 4 girls in one night.


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