Abdel Hafeez: Greishas jihad Halegi even phone him from me. Everything that makes us wrong we have a mistake that appears apologizes to us


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, criticized the arbitration errors committed by the international referee, Jihad Greisha, indicating that he would refuse to listen to his apologies for those mistakes in the coming period.

Abdul Hafeez said in statements on Al-Ahly channel: “With regard to we were wronged from arbitration, there is a team that was awarded 12 penalty kicks, including 5 kicks. The video technology summoned the referee in wrong cases, and they say they are wronged.”

Al-Ahly football director added: “Jihad Greisha will even call him from me because everything that makes mistakes we have is a mistake. He apologizes to us.” Jihad Greisha, who led matches in the World Cup and 7 in the Nations Cup, and the final of the African Champions League, count as the penalty kick that was awarded to Zamalek against Pyramids?) “.

And Abdel-Hafeez added in statements that came after the defeat in front of Ghazl al-Mahalla: “The video technology is one who examines and has the book. Is it not possible to make a mistake. How do you get it?”).

He continued: “Al-Hakam Ahmed Al-Adawi managed 3 matches for Zamalek, he counted 5 penalties … and the referee, Omar Ramadan, who managed his first match in his life with Al-Mumtaz, counted two penalties and expulsions in the Zamalek and Haras al-Hodood match … (meaning slaughtering and skinning)”


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