Abdel Hafeez: Hamdi Fathy is 100% ready


The director of football at Al-Ahly club, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, announced the readiness of Hamdi Fathy, the midfielder of his team, by up to 100% after participating in training during the last period, while Ali Maaloul will be present with the team in a large percentage after the Sun Downs match.

The director of football at Al-Ahly club said that his team will play its match against the Sundowns with all seriousness and determination. To qualify for the semi-finals of the African Champions League and continue the title-defense campaign.

Al-Ahly is a guest at 3 pm today, Saturday, against its Sundowns counterpart in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, after winning the first leg with two clean goals.

Abdel Hafeez indicated, during statements reported by the official website of his club today, that the focus of Al-Ahly players is fully focused in the Sun Downs match, and there is no room to talk about the Burkan Renaissance match. Adding: “Logic confirms that you think of step number one before thinking of number two; to achieve your first goal, which is to settle the African qualification and take a new step in the journey of the African Champions League.”

The football director concluded that Al-Ahly said his statements by stressing that Al-Ahly has been in a state of intense focus since the mission’s arrival in South Africa, and he hopes that success will be the team’s ally in today’s confrontation.


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