Abdel Hafeez reincarnates Al-Ahly’s penalty kick against Sun Downs to referee


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football in the first team of Al-Ahly club, protested against the refereeing team for the match between the Red Genie against Mamelodi Sun Downs, the South, for not counting a clear penalty kick.

Al-Ahly will host today, Saturday evening, Mamelodi Sun Downs at Al-Ahly Wai Al Salam Stadium, in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, where the events of the first half ended with the red giant’s progress with a clean goal.

Senegalese Majeth Ndaye, the referee in charge of managing the Al-Ahly and Sun Downs match, committed fatal arbitration errors in the first half, most notably the failure to award a penalty kick to Al-Ahly accompanied by a red card for Denis Onyango, the Sun Downs goalkeeper after interfering with Mohamed Sharif’s back inside the penalty area.

And between the two halves of the match and while the two teams were preparing to go to the pitch, Sayed Abdel Hafeez went to the refereeing team, in order to object to the fact that a clear penalty kick was not awarded to the red genie.

Abdel Hafeez re-embodied the penalty kick, explaining the intervention of goalkeeper Onyango on the back of Mohamed Sharif, indicating that Al-Ahly had been wronged for not counting a decision against the Sun Downs goalkeeper.

The first half had witnessed several objections from the players and Al-Ahly apparatus to the referee in more than one decision, due to the large number of wrong decisions, which included the distribution of yellow cards to the players of the red giant.

Al-Ahly is seeking to achieve a positive result in today’s match to facilitate its mission in the third return match scheduled for the third afternoon next Saturday in the city of Proitoria, South Africa.


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