Abdullah Jumaa: I will sign for Zamalek in blank … and Fasha is the best player


Abdullah Jumaa, a midfielder for Zamalek club, confirmed that he was ready to sign contracts to renew his contract with the White Castle “in blank”.

Abdullah Jumaas contract with Zamalek ends at the end of the season.

Abdullah Jumaa said in statements on MBC Egypt, “It is an honor for me to be in the Zamalek club. They talked to me, and he is ready to sign a blank for Zamalek club at any time to renew the time, and God willing, to sign next June.”

He continued, “Certainly, I wish to be professional abroad, but I will not go outside Egypt or even inside Egypt without the approval of Zamalek Club, and it happened before, there was an offer and it was rejected.”

And on the authority of Saleh Jumah, he said, “I say in favor of Friday, our Lord honors you and break the world and return to Al-Ahly Club.”

“The biggest mistake in my life is returning from professionalism while I am in Germany,” he stressed.

He declared, “God willing, next season we will compete for the African Champions League title, praise be to God in any case, and God willing, we will compete for the league title and the Egypt Cup this season.”

And he continued, “I say to the fans of Zamalek,” Metzaloush “, and God willing, the next one will be better.”

And about who is the best in Egypt, he said, “The best player in Egypt currently is Afsha. I am not flirting with Al-Ahly, but actually Afsha is the best in Egypt, an intelligent player who resembles Abdullah Al-Saeed when he was in Al-Ahly.”

“I was pressured for a while because of the video of the African Super match. When I was on the stadium in front of Al-Ahly in the Super Cup, I was insulted by my mother,” he said.

He concluded, “We promise the fans of Zamalek to be happy for them in the coming period, and felt the injustice during the gathering of the African Nations 2019 team.”


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