Abdullah Jumaa spurs Zamalek fans with his pictures with Razan Maghribi after the draw against Pyramids … Video and photos


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Abdullah Jumaa, the player of the national team and the Zamalek team, provoked the fans of his team after publishing his pictures with the Lebanese presenter, Razan Maghribi, announcing his television appearance in one of the entertainment programs during his team’s meeting against Pyramids, which ended in a positive tie 1/1 during the meeting that brought them together on Sunday evening in competitions Week 19 of the life of the Premier League competition.

The comments received by the player after publishing 3 photos with the Lebanese broadcaster after his team lost two points in the league’s career race, most of which attacked him, especially since the technical staff of the Zamalek team, led by French Patrice Carteron, confirmed that the player would be absent from the meeting because of the injury, which was questioned by the white fans. Forcing the player to close the Comments.

The Zamalek team fell into a positive draw 1/1 in front of Pyramids during the meeting between them on Sunday evening 2-5-2021- on the grounds of Cairo International Stadium within the competitions of the 19th week of the life of the Egyptian Premier League football competition 2020-2021

The balance of Zamalek rose to 41 points, ahead of Al-Ahly and its runners-up, with a difference of 4 points, but the latter had 3 matches left, while Pyramids remained in third place with 31 points.

The meeting began in its first half between the two teams, with a club and seriousness on the part of the two parties, especially since the first five minutes each tried to control the course of the match, and the first minutes witnessed a mistake in favor of Zamalek, which was paid by Ferjani Sassi next to Sherif Ekrami’s goal.

The sixth minute witnessed the first danger to the Pyramids team after John Antwi passed a perfect ball to Ramadan Sobhi, who hit the ball towards Awad’s goal, but Mahmoud Alaa put his foot towards the ball and took it out for a corner kick.

The first corner kick of the Pyramids team saw a second danger through John Antwi, who tried to hit the ball past Awad, who participated for the first time with his team for a long time, but the winch saved the situation and took the ball out for a second kick for the Pyramids team.

Until the 15th minute of the first half, Zamalek did not pose any real danger to Sherif Ikrami’s goal, especially since the midfield and attack for the Zamalek team are clearly far apart, unlike Pyramids.

Pyramids dominate the course of things, especially since the Zamalek team left the ball in favor of its opponent in an attempt to rely on the counterattack, which the white players failed to implement until the 25th minute of the first half. Ramadan Sahbi got the first warning in the match after Hamdi Mathlouthi sweat the right wing of Zamalek at the 35th minute of the first half.

Sherif Ikrami saved a goal for the Zamalek team at the 37th minute of the first half, after Hamza Mathlouthi sent a cross over Hamid Haddad’s head, but the Pyramids goalkeeper kept the ball away from his goal before it reached the Zamalek striker.

Abdullah Al-Saeed scored a global goal against Mohamed Awad at the 39th minute of the first half, after receiving the cross-ball from Traore, and Abdullah Al-Saeed manipulated Zamalek’s defense and placed the ball with a missile in the net of Mohamed Awad.

In the second half, Zamalek formed the first risk in the meeting at the 53rd minute, after receiving the ball by Shikabala and moving it by cross from over the Pyramids defenses to Hamid Haddad, who blocked the floor by cross, and finally came out peacefully on Sherif Ikrami.

At the 55th minute, the second risk was witnessed by the Zamalek team after Shikabala failed to hit the ball inside the Pyramids penalty area and accidentally reached Hamid Haddad, who also failed to put the ball into the opposing team’s net.

The Pyramids team retreated relatively in the middle of its stadium during the second half in an attempt by its players to rely on the counterattack, especially since the majority of Zamalek players were pushing hard in the front line to compensate for the goal scored by Abdullah Al-Saeed at the end of the first half.

At the 65th minute of the second half, a dangerous attack was witnessed by the Zamalek team after Nabil missed and escaped in front of his penalty area, to reach the ball to Shikabala, who was alone with the Pyramids goalkeeper, and presented the ball to Syed Zizou, to break one of the opposing team’s defenders and take the ball out for a corner kick.

And Sherif Ikrami saved a goal for Zamalek at the 73rd minute, after Asher Bin Sharqi offered a dangerous cross to Hamid Haddad, who shot it directly in the position on the ground, but Ikrami brushed his body and removed the ball from his goal.

In a very strange way, the post defeated the Pyramids team at the 85th minute, after Shikabala sent a cross from the left side of his team to direct Mahmoud Alaa to the post, and the ball landed within close range of the Pyramids goal line and the ball returned to Haddad, who failed to put the ball into the net and pushed it away from the frame.

At the first minute of the stoppage time of the age of the second half, Jihad Greisha, after returning to video technology, awarded a penalty kick due to Ahmed Sami touching the ball with his left hand inside his penalty area.

Ashraf Bin Sharqi saved the ball, who managed to put the ball into the net of Sherif Ikrami after the Moroccan player hit the ball on the ground, opposite to the Pyramids goalkeeper. But the referee returned the penalty kick again after the return of video technology, which showed that a number of players from the two teams entered the penalty point before the ball was hit, and in the same way as the first penalty kick, Ashraf bin Sharqi scored the equalizer for his team. The referee counted 8 minutes of lost time, which the two teams failed to score the winning goal, and the match ended with a positive 1-1 draw.

The technical staff of the first football team at Zamalek Club, led by Frenchman Patrice Carteron, announced the formation in which the team will play the Pyramids match scheduled at 9:30 this evening in the nineteenth round of the League competition, which will be held at the Cairo League Stadium.

The formation includes:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed Awad, defensive line: Hamza al-Mathlouthi – Mahmoud al-Wansh – Mahmoud Alaa – Ahmed Fattouh, midfield: Tariq Hamed – Ferjani Sassi – Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” – Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” – Ashraf bin Sharqi offensive line: Hamid Ahadad


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