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Director Muhammad Sami was a guest on the “The Divination” program with the media, Basma Wahba, on “Al Mehwar” channel.

During the episode, Muhammad Sami talked about many secrets, and in the following points, we monitor his most important statements with the “fortune teller” …

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My rights have been lost in disputes because of emotion, which is the biggest problem I face. I am extremely quick to anger, but I always look back on myself.

Ghada Abdel Razek was the one who wronged me the most.

– Ghada Abdel Razek didn’t feel bad all the time, but the final result is that I came out with a position on it, and after that, our Lord will honor according to the diligence of each one of us, and I, our Lord, have honored me a lot.

– I love work, it comes out right, and most of my disagreements that occurred in my life were related to work and had nothing to do with my personal life.

– I was betrayed in the artistic community with a production manager, I was filming a video clip for a very important singer in an Arab country, and the singer Al-Sobh and I did not want to film, I took money and walked, and everything was gone, I took 500 thousand dollars and walked.

– I made a video clip, Monash Awi, for a singer named Amer, and I was not convinced of what he wanted, and I was not convinced of him. I felt that I wronged him.

– If I choose the most honest actor, I will choose 3, bearing in mind that I have cooperated with many honest actors, but the first of them is the late Mahmoud Al-Jundi

– I directed my first series starring Tamer Hosni, which is the series “Adam”. Mahmoud al-Jundi was hasty and his mood was not clear. When I asked him for some details, he was not interested in my words and read the scene quickly, so I asked him to represent the scene from his heart. 5 minutes”.

– The second actor is Ahmed Zahir, and the third sincere actor is the artist Salwa Othman, and there is the artist Firdaws Abdel Hamid.

– It is that I am doing something other than that I betray my wife May Omar as a husband, not as a director!

– I deal with Mai Omar in the location differently from time to time, as she used to show 10% of her abilities in front of the camera and I was very excited, because she was performing better in rehearsals, and this was due to her lack of experience.

– My love for Mai Omar made me jealous of her, and her want remains the best, because she is my girlfriend, and therefore I was very tough on her.

– The series “Pearl” was an absolute starring for Mai Omar, and it succeeded in the entire Arab world.

– I give up on Muhammad Ramadan because of the series “Nassl Al-Ghurab”. The series was supposed to remain starring with Ahmed El-Sakka, but that does not mean that I abandoned him.

– Muhammad Ramadan and I had a great friendship and achieved successes together in a way that cannot be overlooked. But regarding the series “The Generation of the Strangers” there was a disagreement in the artistic views. We met with the producer and director on the 2nd of last Ramadan and we agreed on the series starring “Al Sakka and Ramadan”.

– Muhammad Ramadan did not give up the series “Nassl Al-Ghurab”, but he gave up the idea that he is working a series starring two stars.

– The melodies of a great star and achieved great success, but he blamed her for her statements about the series “The Offspring of the Strangers”. I chose her and I made it simple that the Tatars are singing with her voice and her voice is beautiful. Tartar is between us. ”

– Angham’s song was not like a series, and I said to Melody: I ​​am not comfortable with the song, and I tried to swallow the song from the point of view of my respect for the history of Angham, and the last time she said to me, ‘Oh, sing the song, you will not sing.

– After the issue was concluded with the utmost respect, I said, “As-Sobh, I got more than one news that Angham has apologized for the” descendants of strangers “, so Angham worked for me on Instagram.

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