Accident flyer .. “Gang rape of a mentally handicapped girl” and a ball game


Cairo – Masrawy:

The Egyptian street witnessed many incidents during the past hours, and the halls of the courts witnessed, today, Saturday, the examination of some cases that concern public opinion.

The following is a brief bulletin by Masrawy on the most prominent of these issues:

“A gang rape of a mentally handicapped girl” .. What happened to “Izbat Al Rayyes” during the day in Ramadan?

Taqa, who suffers from a mental retardation, did not imagine that she would one day be a victim of three human wolves, through which they satiate their instincts during the day in Ramadan.

Fatwa and legislation: The game of “death ball” belongs to its inventors and to present it in the circus by contracting with them

The General Assembly of the Fatwa and Legislation Departments, headed by Counselor Yusri Al Sheikh, First Vice President of the State Council, concluded that it is permissible to contract with the children of Yassin (Ahmed, Muhammad, Walid, and Khaled Sayed Yassin) working in the National Circus, to present an exceptional paragraph of their invention and innovation called “the ball of death”, which is driving motorcycles inside Death ball.

The State Council ends a dispute between “Cairo Cleanliness” and “Manpower”

The General Assembly of the Fatwa and Legislation Departments, headed by Counselor Yusri Al Sheikh, First Vice President of the State Council, ended the obligation of the Ministry of Manpower to pay an amount of (21,000) twenty one thousand pounds to the General Authority for Cleaning and Beautification of Cairo, the value of the wood resulting from cutting eight trees belonging to the authority. .

“Maspero” officials disciplined for stealing a film about the October Victories

The Disciplinary Court of the higher management level of the State Council ruled that a general manager in Maspero was punished with the penalty of referral to the pension after it was proven that she assisted a contracted director with stealing a documentary film about the heroics of the martyrs and victories of the October 1973 war, prepared using a camera, equipment and tools owned by the National Media Authority.

Examination of the circumstances of the discovery of the body of a worker in Alexandria and the identification and arrest of the perpetrator

The Public Security Sector, with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Alexandria Security Directorate, succeeded in uncovering the circumstances of the finding of the body of a worker, and identifying and arresting the perpetrator.

Administratively, the trial of Hassan Malek’s brother and others for joining a terrorist group was postponed

The Second Department of Terrorism, headed by Counselor Moataz Khafaji and the membership of counselors Sameh Suleiman and Muhammad Ammar, and the secretariat of Sayed Hajjaj and Muhammad Al-Saeed, decided to postpone the trial of terrorist Yahya Moussa, Hassan Malik’s brother and others, on the grounds of accusing them of joining a terrorist group, and forging papers to transfer agents abroad, administratively.

To take revenge on the service employees .. Verification with 3 suspects who burned a garage in the Agouza neighborhood

The Public Prosecution Office in Dokki is investigating 3 persons accused of throwing Molotov cocktails and setting fire to the garage of the Agouza neighborhood, in retaliation for the service employees for confiscating a tuk-tuk owned by one of the defendants and inflicting a fine of 1500 pounds.

Exchange of live bullets between the police forces and a person sentenced to life imprisonment in Assiut

Information and investigations of the Public Security Sector, with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Assiut Security Directorate, revealed that a person – sentenced to life imprisonment and 5 years imprisonment for another weapon case – had trafficked narcotic substances, taking the Al-Fateh Police Station department as a scene to practice his criminal activity.

Regularity of the security services in charge of securing churches on Christian holidays

The city of Cairo is witnessing a state of security alert and the spread of interior men to secure all churches, ahead of the Copts’ celebration of their holidays this week.

The expectation of death and his parents did not know of his death … the story of the departure of a “stump officer”

18 seconds was the period of “Astori” published by Captain Mustafa Khalil through his personal account on the “Facebook” site of the noble verse: “Forgive sin and accept severe repentance for a long time. God will not know what is great – without his hand – without him.” Hours later.

The arrest of the perpetrators of bullying a child in Ain Shams

The security services in Cairo managed to arrest the perpetrators of bullying a child in Ain Shams, and to release a report on the incident.

Despite the video of the quarrel … Why did the misdemeanor acquitted the “lady of the court” of assaulting the officer in Heliopolis?

The Nuzha Misdemeanor Court revealed, in the merits of its ruling of innocence, of the counselor Noha Al-Imam, of two charges and her imprisonment for one month with suspension, the reasons for innocence despite the availability of a video of her quarrel with the officer of the Heliopolis Court

The Public Prosecution appeals the innocence of the “lady of the court” … and May 31, the first session

The Nuzha Prosecution appealed by appealing the first degree ruling issued by the acquittal of the counselor, Noha Al-Imam, on the charges of beating and damaging the officer in the Heliopolis Court, Walid Assal.

Chivalry costs life .. The killing of a child defended a girl from harassment in Dar Al-Salam

Chivalry was a price for the life of a young man under the age of 16, who tried to prevent 3 young men from harassing a girl in the Dar es Salaam region, and they killed him after a quarrel that the people of the region failed to resolve.

Security source: Shamaa Cafe, the brother of a famous broadcaster in New Cairo

A security source confirmed that the security services had fired a famous cafe in the New Cairo area, after violating the precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus.

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