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How did we swallow the bait, eliminate our minds, believe their lies and hypocrisy, and grant them “credibility” and the masses and unconditional stardom? … How did they become “opinion leaders” and political leaders and a substitute for the long-standing parties that fragmented? “Tarek Kassab”, portrayed by “Fathy Abdel Wahab” in the series “Cairo – Kabul”, is a living example, manipulating the fate of this country in conjunction with the January 25 revolution that produced the worst types of agents and wages under the slogan “Democracy for All”!

The playful media figure who plays all the ropes: (terrorist groups, foreign intelligence, security services) … and tickling the feelings of the masses with the dream of “change” that has turned into millions pouring into his bank account! An opportunist who fulfills all the conditions for stardom: talented, intelligent, diligent, builds his fame with media blows or even scandals, the important thing is for his price to rise in the media market .. During 2011, hostile countries did not control this market .. and it was not strange that they launched “ Random channels »a few months after the revolution .. It was not unusual for those channels to bring in the stars of” Al-Jazeera “to control the trends of Egyptian public opinion. This media person I know well, maybe he hosted me one day, or I encountered him in a public place, (with the same performance as Fathi in the fluidity and claim of the aristocracy). I can almost see him now smell his fake words and fake slogans .. Yes, I met some of them in important meetings after the revolution, and I listened to their beautification of the Brotherhood’s truth. After “the Kandahar Friday”, some of them used to write in the same newspapers that I work for, and then suddenly they turn into a “presenter”!

“Tariq Kassab” sometimes wears the dress of “political analyst or strategic expert” .. One of them signed the Brotherhood’s constitution and did not abide by the journalists ’union’s decision not to sign, and closed the doors of the Brotherhood’s opposition in newspapers .. and the other changed his skin like a snake to be consistent with the June 30 revolution .. and most of them revealed them The masses dropped the berries from them on June 30, and fled to anti-Egyptian channels abroad.

In “Cairo – Kabul” “Kassab” embodies one of the parties to the dream that has turned into a nightmare … or a bullet that assassinates Khaled, the director concerned with issues of extremism and political Islam, and embodies him literally “Ahmed Rizk”, and my symbol of the extremist and embodied by “Tariq Lotfy”, who belongs to a middle family, Just the security officer is represented by “Khaled Al-Sawy”, and the media acrobatic Tariq Kassab is represented by “Fathy Abdel-Wahab” and “Kassab.” Holly, like his father, makes a false history for himself that he was one of the displaced from the canal cities .. The strings that gathered friends in the dream of childhood and youth are intertwined, then It puts them at a crossroads … or “confrontation” before the January revolution. In the first episodes, the “art” represented by the director falls … as if the people’s consciousness has fallen into a coma … and consciousness is in the stage of clinical death … so that the struggle of the three sides of the triangle remains: (extremism, security, media) .. It is true that the series deserves a long pause before this The conflict, but I chose to talk about a profession to which I belong … a profession that has turned into a spearhead in the so-called “fourth generation” wars.

These words are not intended by a specific person, nor are they aimed at defamation, as much as they are monitoring the phenomenon of some who have lived through their ascension path by virtue of the profession..I think that the citizen possesses the intelligence that allows him to identify the “Kasab” model. The question: Are the sides of the triangle still the same in managing the struggle for power? .. I think the answer is yes. That is why you will find Egyptian drama this year reformulating the scene by creating a “community awareness” of the nature of this struggle. The media was a major weapon in what was called the “Arab Spring” revolutions, and we discovered that it was a fall that overthrew many countries and handed them over to the “Brotherhood” gang .. It was the one who struck the bargain between political Islam and liberal currents to overthrow the symbols of “political tyranny”, then he tyrannized the citizen and the homeland and made it mere Business »Self-employed! “Kassab” was not shy about beautifying terrorism to win a media bang, and he does not hesitate to ally with Satan to achieve his utilitarian goals .. The day will come and all the cards of the game will be revealed and the names will become available to everyone .. But we are still in the stage of “media diplomacy”: We warn, point out, and you must Control your mind and conscience.

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