Adam El Sharkawy apologizes in a video by Mohamed Henedy for incorrectly pronouncing his name … and the comedy star: That is Samah


The young Egyptian-American artist, Adam El-Sharkawy, apologized for his mistake in pronouncing his name, the star Mohamed Henedy incorrectly. Adam El-Sharkawy published the apology in a video on the Astori property through his personal account on the “Instagram” site, and appeared in the video as he sends a message to Henedi saying: “Mohamed Henedy I said it Right .. by the way, I love you, man, and I am sorry that I made a mistake in your name. “

Adam El Sharkawy
Adam El Sharkawy

The artist Mohamed Heneidy responded in a funny way, by sharing Adam Al-Sharqawi’s video, in which his name was pronounced correctly on his “Instagram” case, and he joked, saying: “This is permission.”

Henidi accepts the apology
Henidi accepts the apology

Mohamed Henedy jokes Adam Al-Sharkawy
Mohamed Henedy jokes Adam El Sharkawy

Earlier, the artist Mohamed Henedy joked the young artist Adam Al-Sharqawi because of the way he pronounced his name wrongly through his official account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”. You say it right away. “

And in the Ramadan drama, the young Egyptian-American artist Adam El-Sharkawy, who played the role of “Big Costume”, kidnapped an Egyptian youth, within the events of the Newton game series, the attention of the first scene in which he appears with the star Mona Zaki, because of his smooth performance and his lightness in embodying the role, especially the way he pronounced For the Arabic language, which indicates that he is an Egyptian who has lived for a long time in America.


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