Adel Akl to “The Seventh Day Television”: Greisha has overlooked the dismissal of Hamed and Traore and the fake penalty kick.


Referee expert, Adel Akl confirmed that the international Jihad Greisha was not successful in managing the Zamalek and Pyramids match, which was held on Sunday evening, and ended in a 1-1 draw, and he appeared tense and anxious, which greatly affected his technical and administrative decisions.

Akl said that the referee was tense, which led to confusion in the arbitration decisions, and this was largely evident in the confusion of cooperation between the crew, as well as the failure to implement the cabinet.whereFor the correct protocol.

Akl added, in the analytical studio of the Seventh Day TV, presented by Omar Al-Ayoubi, that Greishas jihad was out of service, after he overlooked the announcement of the red card on two occasions; The first was for Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player, to hit Abdullah Al-Saeed with the elbow in the 84th minute, and Greisha was 3 yards away from the foul, and had a suitable viewing angle, and he overlooked the dismissal of Traore, the Pyramids player, who hit Mahmoud Alaa with the elbow in the face in the 97th minute of the match. And the “var” should have been involved according to the protocol.

Aql indicated that the penalty kick that the referee calculated for Zamalek is fake according to the law, but thewhere“He intervened and summoned Greisha to the review screen, then returned and awarded a penalty kick in favor of Zamalek in a wrong decision by Greisha and the Sabahi who was responsible for the”whereBut the wrong intervention extended towhereWhen Jihad was summoned to the screen due to a violation in the execution of the penalty kick from Pyramids goalkeeper Sherif Ikrami, and this is not the prerogative of the cabin, but the responsibility of the referee, and the ball scored a goal from it, but the tension of Jihad and lack of focus made him surrender towhere“.


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