Adel Al-Shorbagy: Canceling the 3-point deduction from Ismaily if he reconciles with the stars


Adel Al-Shorbaji, head of the grievances committee of the Football Association, said that the penalty for deducting the three points from the Ismaili club will be canceled in the event of reconciliation with the Al-Nujoom club, regarding the dues of the player Ibrahim Hassan.

Adel Al-Shorbagy added, in televised statements, that the Football Association welcomes reconciliation between the clubs, and therefore if reconciliation between the two teams takes place and the stars concede, we will cancel the penalty immediately.

Representative Ahmed Othman, brother of Ibrahim Othman, head of the Ismaili club, decided to form a committee to communicate with Muhammad Tawila, president of Future Stars Club, in order to discuss ways to pay the 20 million pounds fine, related to Ibrahim Hassan’s current Pyramids player deal, after the Football Association penalty deducted three points from the balance. Dervishes.

Alaa Waheed, the official spokesman for the Ismaili club, revealed that the Football Association did not notify the Ismaili of deducting any points from its balance, stressing that the Disciplinary Committee’s decisions regarding the admission of the Ismaili appeal in form and rejecting it in substance. Because there was no decision to deduct points, and that the issue of deducting points is related to resolving the issue between the Ismaili and the future stars.

Wahid sent a message of reassurance to the masses Dervishes That the current crisis is on the way to a solution, and there will be agreements and solutions to the crisis officially between the Ismaili and the future stars and an agreement to settle all matters..

The Appeal Committee of the Egyptian Football Association supported the decision to deduct 3 points from the Ismaili, in the event that the ruling of the International Sports Court in favor of the Nujoom Club was not implemented within 30 days from the date of February 23, 2021, and the committee decided to accept the Ismaili’s grievance in this matter in form and rejected it in substance..


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