After a veiled model appeared in his advertisement, Tamer Hosni, Egypt’s talk


Egyptian artist achievedTamer HosnyGreat popularity in Egypt, through the step that he took in the new advertisement for the benefit of one of the mobile companies contracted with it, which is the appearance of a veiled girl with him in the advertisement.
The appearance of a veiled model in the advertisement is Tamer Hosni’s idea, because of his desire not to distinguish between the veiled and unveiled girl, and to give her full freedom and choice to work in any field that she wants, in light of her preservation of her shape and respect for the veil.
Tamer Hosni’s hashtag, the trend list of social networking sites in Egypt, was issued in conjunction with the ad.
The pioneers of social networking sites praised Tamer’s idea, for allowing a veiled Moodle to be the heroine of his advertisement.


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