After her appearance in the Chinese “Newton’s Game”, “Jenny” to “In Art”: Mona Zaki kidnapped my heart with a humanitarian attitude | news


The Chinese actress, Jenny Wu, drew attention to her with the role of “Mitsu” in the series “Newton’s Game”, Habiba “Big Z”, presented by Adam El-Sharkawy, and Egyptians admired her performance in a number of scenes she collected in Mona Zaki and Adam El-Sharkawy.

FilFan communicates with Jenny Jo, who revealed to us in an exclusive interview how she was nominated for the role, about the scenes of the series, and how the reactions were:

I am an Australian Chinese and grew up between Los Angeles and Australia and now settled in Sydney due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

– My nomination for the role of “Mitsu” came through the assistant director, “Lara”, who was in charge of casting in the United States of America, and I sent her a video tape containing a scene of a fight with me and Zay and within a few days, I received a call and they told me to travel to Egypt to film some My viewers.

The filming did not take long, but it took long hours. Sometimes we filmed more than 15 hours a day!

– I am happy to deal with Mona Zaki, as she is a generous person on the technical and humanitarian level, and I remember her situation on the first day of filming me, as it was long hours of filming and I felt hungry and there was a long time left for the lunch break time, Mona Zaki felt me ​​and went to her room and brought some snacks And sweets and intoxicants for all workers.

I see the impact of the series on social media and the audience loved me so much, and this is amazing and happy that Egyptians loved me.

I do not understand Arabic, but I feel that what is written about me are nice words.

– I will appear in the next episodes of the series “Newton’s Game” and my role is not over.

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