After her departure .. The story of the marriage of the Iraqi actress Nadia and her obtaining the Egyptian nationality


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Today, Sunday, the Iraqi actress, Nadia, passed away from our world, after her health deteriorated due to her infection with the new Corona virus, and her funeral took place from the Hejaz Mosque in Al-Haram, after the noon prayer.

The late artist revealed, during a previous television interview, the scenes of her travel from Iraq to Egypt, confirming that the matter was not taken into account in the beginning.

And the artist, Nadia Al-Iraqiya, left, saying, “I had my place and my loved ones and friends in the theater, but my husband came to Egypt and due to political circumstances, he could not return to Baghdad again, so we moved to live in Egypt.” They got married and obtained Iraqi citizenship during this period.

The late actress confirmed in previous press statements that she also obtained Egyptian nationality, “I am taking the Iraqi and I am the Egyptian,” noting that at the beginning there was an intention to reside in Egypt temporarily until the conditions improved, but the conditions became worse, which made them continue their residency. In Egypt, “conditions have gotten worse, meaning the war, the entry of the Americans.”

The artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, left after her condition deteriorated in recent days, which required her to be transferred to intensive care, following her infection with the emerging Corona virus.

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