After her divorce in Mercedes, Zara Al Balushi reveals interesting details about her divorce


Zara Al-Balushi decided to break her silence to respond to the questions of some of her followers across the sites, as one of those asked her in this context a question about the reason for her divorce.Zara replied to this and wrote: “The first difference that occurred between us said marriage is a division and a share, after what did you talk about? I spoke to my family. I told them what his father did, and I went out and sent him. May God conceal you and your dowry will return to you, and after that I announced my separation,” according to (her).

She added, “Someone whom I know for two years does not say to me no and wishes that I am thinking about the engagement and knows all the difficulties that happened to me with my first ex-husband and how I was suffering in order to forget him .. The first disagreement comes between us saying marriage is a share and a lot of shock. Its several “.

“I felt stupid, I felt a strong palm on my face, I was shocked.” The keys, indicating that he divorced them with Mercedes, said: “Al-Qahtani settled her and divorced me with Mercedes.”


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