After participating in “Best Father” .. Ali Rabie is preparing to star in a new movie with the child Karim


The artist, Ali Rabei, expressed his happiness with the reactions about the series “Best Ab”, which was shown in the drama of Ramadan elapsed. He said in special statements for the seventh day that what made him happiest was the success of the child Karim in grabbing attention and winning the audience’s admiration.

On the spring and child cream
On the spring and child cream

He added that this work will not be the last with Karim, saying: “I was surprised by the talent of this child, and therefore he brought a film in the cinema that brings us together, especially since Karim has a distinct talent and automatic reaction, and therefore we will work together with a film that we are currently preparing.”

Regarding the experience of the 15-episode series, Ali Rabei said: “One of the most important things that happened during Ramadan drama this year was the presence of series consisting of only 15 episodes, and therefore the characteristic of these works is the speed of events in a great way, which is what characterizes comedies greatly, As there is no stretching in the rings, or lengthening. “

The series “Best Ab”, which starred on Rabie, written by Mohamed Mohamedy and Ahmed Mohy, directed by Moataz El-Touni and produced by Synergy Company, and co-starring alongside Ali Rabie Hajar Ahmed Ahmed Tohamy, Hussam Dagher, Sami Maghouri and a number of artists, and directed by Moataz El-Tuni.


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