After presenting the moment of his assassination in Option 2 .. We publish the reasons for the execution of 28 of his death


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Sunday 02 May 2021

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbagy:

Episode 19 of the series “Choice 2”, which is shown on the satellite channel ON, showed real scenes of the assassination of the Attorney General, Counselor, Hisham Barakat, which took place on June 29, 2015.

The assassination of the Public Prosecutor came by means of a car bomb detonated from a distance targeting his motorcade, as he was moving from his home in Heliopolis to his workplace at the High Judicial House in central Cairo.

“Masrawy” reviews the rationale for the death sentence of 28 defendants in the assassination of “Hisham Barakat.”

On August 12, 2017; The Cairo Criminal Court entrusted the merits of its sentence to death by hanging for 28 defendants, life imprisonment for 15 others, and aggravated imprisonment of 15 years for 8 accused, and aggravation of 10 years for 15 defendants, in the assassination of the former Attorney General, the martyr counselor Hisham Barakat.

The recital was issued under the leadership of Counselor Hassan Farid, and the membership of advisors Fathi Al-Ruwaini and Khaled Hammad, and the secretariat of Mamdouh Abdul Rashid.

According to the recital, the defendants participated with others unknown in the killing of the former Public Prosecutor Hisham Muhammad Zaki Barakat, intentionally and premeditatedly, that they intent and determined to kill him, so they sought his blood under the pretext of revenge on him for his order to disperse their group’s congregations in the Rabaa Al-Adawiya and Al-Nahda squares, and in implementation. For a scheme drawn up by the defendants from the fourth to the sixth, in which they defined the role of each of them.

The recital added that the defendants prepared for this purpose an explosive device, prepared by the fifteenth defendant, containing more than fifty kilograms of ammonium nitrate mixed with acetone peroxide, connected with more explosive bullets and an electrical detonation circuit with a remote control device.

The recital indicated that the eleventh accused put it in a car that the latter brought and drove it until he delivered it to another. He left it in the place from which they realized in advance that the victim’s ride had passed from him, then the eleventh and fifteenth defendants waited near the car to detonate it as soon as the knees passed, and to change his route, the fifth accused charged them to postpone its execution. A day.

She confirmed that on the specified date, they got into a car and the third car drove by the forty-eighth accused until they reached the vicinity of the car equipped with explosives, then they got out of it except for its driver, and the third headed towards the victim’s residence to watch him and inform them of his knee path and the time of his movement, while the fifteenth accused went to the booby-trapped car and reached the circle of detonating its bomb, then The eleventh defendant was in a spot facing the car and waited until they knew that the knees were moving towards them.

The facts confirmed that as soon as the victim got into the car bomb, the fifteenth accused detonated it with a remote control device, and the eleventh accused filmed the explosion as it occurred, and they fled in the car of the forty-eighth accused, after they caused the explosion intending to destroy the victim’s soul, so they inflicted the injuries described in the forensic report Which took his life, and the crime was committed in execution of a terrorist purpose, as indicated in the investigations.

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