After running out of cash from the ATM .. An urgent procedure by the mail to disburse pensions during holidays


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Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Post Authority, said that the committee to follow up procedures to facilitate the payment of pensions to citizens through ATMs
For the Egyptian Post at the level of the Republic, during the official holiday period, there was a great turnout of citizens at ATMs.

The Postal Authority has taken measures to ensure the regularity of pension payments during the holiday period set by the state, starting from last Thursday until the end of next Monday to celebrate the Sinai holidays, the breeze and the Resurrection.

The chairman said Postal Authority The Follow-up Committee monitored a large turnout of citizens for automated teller machines, which resulted in the depletion of cash from all machines nationwide in less than 48 hours, and directives were issued to replenish all machines nationwide to complete the process of pension disbursement in all governorates for citizens to the fullest.

It is reported that the National Postal Authority has taken all measures and procedures to facilitate the process Pensions disbursement During the official holiday period, a committee was formed at the highest level to follow up feeding ATMs nationwide during the holiday period, and work will return to all offices nationwide next Tuesday.

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