After she was infected with Corona … the condition of Nadia, the Iraqi, deteriorated, and she was transferred to intensive care


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May, the daughter of the Iraqi actress Nadia, revealed, on Tuesday, the deterioration of her mother’s condition after she was infected with the new Corona virus, which led to her transfer to intensive care, calling on the public to pray for her.

“Mai” said, through her mother’s personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, which bears her real name, “Faten Fathy”: “I am Mai .. Mama is in intensive care and her condition is very critical and difficult for two days.

And she added, “I had to write this post. Then I can invite you. He can do something .. Oh God, I do not ask you to respond to the judiciary, but I ask you for kindness about it.”

The actress, Nadia Al-Iraqi, had revealed a few days ago that she had been infected with the new Corona virus, saying: “Corona attacked our house, may it be possible to her … The house does blood tests .. your prayers and took care of the issue is dangerous ».


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