After the jump in injuries … When will Egypt reach the third peak of Corona?


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Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:

Officials and experts expected that Egypt will reach the peak of the third wave of the Corona pandemic within two weeks, after the noticeable increase in the number of injuries during the past days, prompting the government to emphasize the imposition of precautionary measures.

The governorates of the Republic have exceeded the registration of a thousand daily cases of “Covid-19” during the past days, while the Ministry of Health announced yesterday, the registration of 1021 new positive cases, raising the total number of patients to 227,552. The Ministry also announced the death of 61 cases, bringing the total number of epidemic victims to 13339.

These numbers are recorded by the Ministry of Health only, while many Egyptians resort to private hospitals and clinics to diagnose their cases, and these are not registered in the official census.

The epidemiological trend in Egypt has witnessed a gradual increase and a continuous escalation in the number of Corona injuries since the beginning of last March until now, while the number of deaths fluctuated between 45 and 60 cases daily.

The epidemic in Upper Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, head of the Central Department of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health, said in statements to Masrawy that there is a slight increase in the number of injuries that we are officially recording in several governorates across the republic, especially in Upper Egypt governorates, but the health system is still able to deal with all Cases.

Abdel Fattah added, “The numbers of casualties in Upper Egypt in particular are not low, but we are in the process of controlling the situation there.”

The Minister of Health, Hala Zayed Qat, said that the rate of weekly infections, which were recorded during the current epidemiological week, rose to 5,845 cases per week, compared to 1,248 cases in the same epidemic week of last year, an increase of almost 5 times.

She indicated that the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Minya, Fayoum and Sohag are the top 5 governorates in terms of the number of injuries.

The climax is on the feast

The head of the Central Department of Preventive Medicine was not certain of when to reach the peak of the third wave of the epidemic, but he indicated that we will know this when the curve returns to decline again, and it continues for two weeks.

But the professor of health economics and epidemiology, Islam Anan, expected that we will reach the climax of the current wave within 10 to 14 days at most, in light of the steady rise in the number of cases.

This is what a medical source went to, explaining that the height of the third wave will be in mid-May, that is, during the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

Annan said, in statements to Masrawy, that the current wave is supposed to be largely broken within 6 weeks, so that the epidemic curve returns to its relative stability and reduces the pressure on hospitals and the health system in general.

He stressed that the third wave of Corona is more widespread among all groups compared to the first and second waves, referring to the changes that the Corona virus has witnessed globally.

He added that hospitals designated to receive cases of Corona have witnessed an increase in turnout recently, and infections began to increase among young people and children due to the large spread of the virus, in light of the decline in vaccination rates with the vaccine in the Middle East region in general.

The solution to the increase in Corona injuries from the viewpoint of “Abdel Fattah” and “Annan” is to tighten precautionary measures, and the necessity for citizens to adhere to social distancing and public health measures, adhere to the application of the law on violators and re-impose fines, as well as monitor the work of cafes, restaurants, markets and picnic places.

The Director of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health said that “Hospitals have been strengthened since the first wave and there is no problem in receiving cases, but prevention is better than treatment and this must be emphasized. Precautionary controls are imposed on all members of society in light of monitoring unjustified gatherings and presence in the market, threatening to spread Bigger for infection. “

He added, “Adherence to social distancing controls and public health measures will ensure an increase in cases.”

As for the professor of health economics, he stressed the need for the awareness messages sent by the government to citizens to be more severe, to spread awareness campaigns among citizens, and to adhere to imposing fines, especially on those who do not wear a mask.

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