After “troubled” hours … Manchester United and Liverpool summit postponed


The Manchester United home match was postponed against Leferball In the Premier League on Sunday, after fans stormed the field before kick-off, protesting against the club’s owners.

Approximately one hour after the scheduled match, the club confirmed that the match was postponed due to “safety and security considerations related to the protesters.”

Just an hour before Manchester United and Liverpool signed in the Premier League, things spiraled out of control inside the match stadium at Old Trafford.

Dozens of fans stormed Manchester UnitedThe floor of their club’s stadium, they raised banners and lit fires, in protest against the club’s owners, a family غليزر American.

The fans’ demands that the Glazers leave their club come after the main role played by the club’s owner, Goal Glazer, in founding European Super League, Which was doomed to failure, days after its foundation.

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