After violent criticism … China deletes a leaflet mocking cremators in India


A post on a social networking site published by Chinas top law enforcement agency has been deleted, after it sparked online criticism.

The post included pictures of the successful launch of a Chinese vehicle into space, as well as the bleak scene of crematoriums linked to the Corona epidemic in India.

And Bloomberg News reported that the images of the launch of the missile carrying the Chinese space capsule (Tianhe) and the associated fuel combustion were drawn in comparison with the mass burning of bodies in an open space in India.

The post, which was published on Saturday, accompanied the Central Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of China on its official account on the Chinese social networking site (Weibo) and a tag indicating that the daily new Corona cases in India exceed 400,000 cases.

The post could not be accessed later on Saturday. And many users of social networking sites in China expressed their shock and anger at the insensitivity of the post.

Commenting on the deleted post, Hu Shijin, editor-in-chief of the Communist Party-backed Global Times newspaper, said on Weibo, “Official accounts on social media should raise the banner of humanity at this time high, show sympathy for India, and firmly put Chinese society in place. High moral. ” He also said that “such methods are not an appropriate way for official accounts on social media to gain visitors.”

India continues to set world records in the number of infections, as the Indian Ministry of Health announced that more than 400,000 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours.

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