Ahlam tries to entrap Nadine Njeim … and Carmen Lebos intervenes: We do not cheat


She actress Dreams On her admiration for the series “Twenty Twenty” and its follow-up of its details, awaiting the fate of the relationship of “Safi” and “Hayat” Qusay Khouli andNadine Njeim.

Ahlam posted on her official account on the social networking site “Twitter” a video clip from the eighteenth episode of the series, in which Qusay and Nadine appear in a romantic scene and commented: “An urgent call to the moon Nadine Nassib Najim. Possible question between me and you, but my love !!!!! Nadine confessed, confess a question between me and you, but I love him !!!!!!!

Nadine replied to her with a tweet in which she said: “I will send you WhatsApp, so it will remain between me and you.”

Actress Carmen Lebes entered the line of tweets, asking Ahlam to ask her to reveal the relationship of Safi and Hayat and said in a tweet: “You love him, we want an answer.

To respond to Ahlam’s tweet, Carmen assured that her feeling as a woman would give her the answer and said: “Hahaha, we don’t cheat, but see your feeling as a woman.

Many followers and those interacting with these tweets saw that Carmen’s words contained a clear hint of a love story between Qusay and Nadine in the series after its goal was to capture him.

The series is highly watched, and its stars Qusay Khouli, Nadine Njeim, Carmen Lebb and Randa Kaadi receive high praises for their performance.

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