Ahmed El-Shenawi: The goal of spinning El-Mahalla is not correct … and Al-Ahly deserves a penalty kick


Ahmed Al-Shennawi, an arbitration analyst, revealed the validity of the decisions of Mohamed Maarouf, the referee of the Al-Ahly matchMahalla yarn Which was held on Monday in the league.

Al-Ahly lost to Ghazel El-Mahalla 1-0, as part of the 19th round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

Al-Shennawi said during statements on “On Time Sports”: “The mistake that was counted against Al-Ahly and the goal came from it does not contain any suspicion of a mistake in the first place, because the two players are overlapping in the ball.”

طالع | Sayed Abdel Hafeez: Al-Ahly pays the match pressure tax … and any referee would have considered a penalty kick for Hussein Al-Shahat

Ahly He deserved a penalty kick after the Mahalla defender blocked Muhammad Hani, the Mahalla player’s foot was in front of his foot, and it was a clear penalty kick, and the strange thing is that the mouse did not call the referee.

He concluded: “The player of Mahalla who hindered Muhammad Sharif during a verified opportunity that called for expulsion, because all the conditions for the realized opportunity are in place, and it is also strange that the mouse did not intervene.”

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