Ahmed Galal: If we were in the Zamalek council, we would have refused Carteron’s return


Ahmed Galal Ibrahim, former deputy chairman of Zamalek’s board of directors, confirmed that had he remained in his position with the previous council, he would have refused the return of French Patrice Carteron to train the team.

In statements to Youth and Sports Radio, Ahmed Jalal said: “If the council were there, we would have refused to return Carteron again, although we were adhering to his continuation with the team.”

He added, “Carteron left the team before a tournament that I was going to get and we were the closest to achieving it because of the level and performance at the time.”

He explained, that his position was not affected in the presence of Amir Mortada Mansour, and he was responsible for the football system and then communicates with the board of directors.

He concluded: “Amir Mortada was in constant contact with me to convince Mortada Mansour of some things, because I am very close to Murtaza Mansour, and I communicate with Mortada Mansour every few days and it is not true that there is a disagreement with him now.”

In another context, Zamalek tied 1-1 with Pyramids in the match that was held on Sunday in the 19th round of the Egyptian we League at Cairo International Stadium.

Zamalek raised its score to 41 points in first place in the ranking table, and Pyramids’ balance became 31 points in third place.


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